Monthly Archives: September 2010

How Do I Find My Life’s Purpose?

When it comes to finding your life’s purpose, every person is different. Some people inherently know their purpose, but they’re not sure how to really get it going. There might be something in their lives that brings them joy, but for some reason or […]

5 Questions to Ask to Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Finding your purpose can be an intensive process, but it can also be eye-opening and life-changing. Here are some of the questions I ask my clients when they come to me seeking advice on determining their purpose.

1) What are some of the things […]

Why Should I Live a Life of Purpose?

Some people believe that life is meant to be endured, not enjoyed. They believe you take a job to be financially stable, not to do what you enjoy. For them, we’re all here to fulfill a purpose, but it’s a very small one. How […]

How Can I Get the Most Out of Living My Life On Purpose?

How do you get the most out of living your life on purpose? You do what matters most to you. (Oftentimes, life’s most simple questions have the most simple answers.)

The truth is, most people do not choose their life purpose — they merely choose […]

Take a Passion Quest to Live “On Purpose”

Living Life On Purpose is not always easy. We’re sometimes so bogged down by what we have to do that we forget to look at what we love to do.

Because passion and purpose go hand in hand, we want to continually pursue and identify […]