Children and teens are prime candidates for the Law of Attraction. Why? Their minds, for the most part, are not filled with all the worries, doubts, and negative garbage that adults manifest in the Universe. Bills, mortgage payments, jobs — these are not things children have to concern themselves with.

Think about how different would your life have been if your parents introduced the Law of Attraction to you as a child. How would the world be, if all children were taught this Law at home? I believe it would not only make stronger families, but a better world.

Here are a few ways you can introduce the Law of Attraction to your kids.

1) Lead by Example

Stay optimistic. Meditate frequently. Live a life that you can be proud of. Your children are always looking up to you; you are their role model. They will emulate your behavior and pick up your attitude. Show them how you want them to live by living it yourself.

2) Educate Your Children about How Their Thoughts Affect Their Behavior

While the Law of Attraction can seem complex to adults, children often easily grasp its simplicity. Explain what the Law of Attraction means to you, and how it’s benefited you in your daily life. By educating them on the Law of Attraction, you can awaken their sense of awareness of their thoughts, which is the first step in successfully living by the Law.

3) Create a Vision Board

Vision boards are a fun and easy way to introduce the Law of Attraction to your kids. What do they want to accomplish? What things would they like to have? Collect a bunch of kid- and family-friendly magazines and have them cut out images and words that resonate with their goals and dreams. Place your findings on a board and hang it where it can be viewed frequently. Each time they achieve something on the board, put a check mark next to it. That check mark will do even more to instill a deeper sense of self-confidence, empowering your child to attract more of what he or she wants.

4) Show Support

Be a champion of your child’s journey. You are their #1 fan, so make sure they know that. When you see them implementing the Law of Attraction in their daily thoughts and actions, give them praise.

Children are like sponges when it comes to learning. They pick up new skills, new sports, and even new languages at a young age. By introducing them to the Law of Attraction, you can teach them a whole new way of thinking.

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