“How can the Law of Attraction help me with my personal and family relationships?”

I get asked this question a lot by clients. We know that the Universe knows what is best for us. We may think we know, but we don’t.

The Law of Attraction will manifest what we most strongly focus upon, whether we want it or don’t want it, and it will do the same for our partners, friends, and family members. That’s why you cannot create someone else’s reality.

For example, let’s say your wife is the love of your life, and you want to stay with her, but she wants a divorce. You may think that if you believe everything is going to be fine, it will all work out. You can think that all day long, but the truth is, you cannot control what she is thinking. You cannot make her want something she does not want. She is not vibrating at the same frequency as you, and by not accepting and letting go of the situation, you could be creating chaotic energy for the entire relationship.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the Law of Attraction to help you with your relationships. Here are four ways you can use it to help you attract the best people for your life, and to help you deal with the ones you already have in your life.

  1. Understand the Law of Attraction cannot make someone else do something that they do not want to do. If you’re having problems in your relationship and you wish to manifest a loving relationship with your partner, the Law of Attraction will either help you in your current relationship, provided that your partner’s intentions are to work things out with you, or it will terminate your relationship and manifest the right person for your life as long as you are willing to let go.
  2. Leave your fate to God by praying and meditating and trusting that He is going to bring the person into your life you are supposed to be with. By trusting God, you open yourself up to either strengthening your relationship, or gaining the courage to leave it and find someone who is better suited for you. Part of this is letting go, and not worrying about how it will happen. Remember, the Universe knows what’s best for us.
  3. Remember the phrase “or better.” When you pray and meditate, it’s always important that you ask for what you want “or better,” because that means you’re willing to receive what is best for you. It means you trust God to give you the best for you, rather than being limited by what you want. This is also true for the people in our lives. We want a loving relationship with this person “or better.” What we’re really doing is letting God know that we trust Him to provide what is best for us. This same reasoning applies to your family relationships.
  4. You cannot manifest thoughts for someone else. You can only control yourself and your life. If you are in a situation where you are not getting along with a family member, you can pray, meditate, and have faith that your relationship is going to get better. But it will only get better when you keep yourself from getting bogged down in the negative thoughts surrounding that relationship.  Instead of fighting with your brother, focus on feelings of love and understanding. When your brother sees that, it will automatically decrease the     stress level around the situation. The Law of Attraction is not going to magically heal your relationships, but it can help you find that peace to which others will respond.

By using the Law of Attraction, and asking the Universe to help us with our personal relationships, we can reduce the stress and tension of existing ones, and even find new people we can share our lives with.

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