You’ve heard me talk about the Law of Attraction before. It’s basically the idea that our thoughts influence the chances and opportunities in our life. There are five basic ways you can tap into the Law of Attraction in your life.

  • Set clear intentions. The Law of Attraction can have a major impact in your life, but what do you intend to accomplish? Setting some goals is a vital first step.
  • The next thing would be to use affirmations.. More and more people are using and benefiting from daily affirmations. First, you want to make sure you’re using them in the present tense. And, what you’re doing then is reinforcing that belief system to your subconscious. In that, you’re basically reinforcing that belief system to yourself.

    “Every day, in every way, I get better and better.” Notice I used “that” in the present tense. I’m not saying I will get better. Instead, I’m in the present tense: I am getting better and better.”

  • Visualize your success. Positive affirmations and visualizations serve the same purpose but in a different dimension. With visualizations you’re telling the subconscious mind that you’re living the experience. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is not, what is good and bad. It just acts upon your feelings and your belief system. The tricky thing about it is, the subconscious doesn’t know the difference betweem real and unreal.

    For example, if you tell yourself that you’re dumb, you’re good for nothing, never accomplish anything in your life. Its kind of like a mirror. But by visualizing the experience you’d like to have, it materializes in the material realm. What you feed it, it gives back.

  • Become consciously aware of your thoughts. Become aware that negative thoughts don’t get you anywhere. Protect your subconscious mind from the negative. This part of your mind is like a garden and you must keep the weeds from growing. If I had a negative thought, then I switch it out for a positive one. Remember, your sub-conscious can’t tell the difference between real and not real. If you’re telling it you’re not good at anything, your sub-conscious begins to believe it.
  • Take action. We all know that nothing happens without taking action. Do things that will take you closer to your goals and avoid things that don’t serve you.

By using these five basic steps, you’ll be able to introduce the Law of Attraction into your own life and begin to influence your chances by adopting a new way of thinking.

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