1) Not Allowing Universal Mind to Take Over

In earlier posts, I’ve talked about the “Art of Allowing” in regards to the Law of Attraction and its success in your life. It is important to remember that after you have declared your intentions — essentially putting in an “order” to the Universe — you must allow God through the Law of Attraction to set up those situations or people for you. The more you fixate on the fact that it’s not happening, the more you block those things from manifesting themselves in your life.

2) Negative Thinking

The premise is very simple: if you think in the positive, you will bring in more positive. If you think in the negative, you will bring in more negative. Of course, this is easier said than done. When we are unhappy with our career or relationships, it is easy to dwell on the negative. Focus on the small things for which you can be grateful, and meditate on positive imagery and affirmations.

3) Not Being Plugged In

While an important part of the Law of Attraction process is letting go, it’s imperative that you do not tune out completely. Why? Because if you’ve set your intentions and allowed the Universe to take over, you still have to be “plugged in” to what is being put in front of you. You still must remain aware of what vibrations you are sending into the world, and what’s being vibrated back at you.

4) Not Being Realistic

I’ve talked before about adding the phrase “or better” (“I will bring this into my life, or something better”) when you practice your affirmations. While the Universe might not provide you with exactly what you expected, you need to gain perspective with the knowledge that whatever the Universe manifests is what is right for you at that time in your life. In a recent post, I told a story about my friend and his BMW. He fixated on bringing this material object into his life, but he lacked the financial backup to maintain it, and as a result, his life started unraveling around him. For him, “or better” didn’t mean a more expensive car, but rather one that would have allowed him to maintain his lifestyle without everything falling apart around him. Don’t be afraid to dream big, but keep in mind the consequences of getting everything it is that you want.

5) Failure to Launch

I can’t say it enough: You must take action if you want the Law of Attraction to work for you. Once the Universe has put the proper people or things in your life, you must do something with them, or you will never achieve your goals. While the Law of Attraction can make this easier by aligning you with the right situations or contacts, only you can take that first step. Even if you do something small every day to take a step in the right direction, you will be that much closer to making your dreams a reality.

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