I’m not only a coach about the Law of Attraction, I believe that my entire life is the successful result of the powerful Law of Attraction.

  • I wanted to live in the United States and I got here.
  • I wanted to serve in the Marines on the Special Operations Capable Unit and I served with honor.
  • I wanted to find a loving, caring wife and I found her.
  • I wanted to own a Presa Canario (Spanish dog) from the canary islands and I have one. (It’s the little things too.)

My two amazing sons, my house, the things that make my life complete, I owe to practicing the Law of Attraction. I have always been deliberate in my intentions, but back in those days I didn’t know I was using the formula. I was practicing visualizations and affirmations before they were popularized by the Law of Attraction movement. I know that I was always deliberate in my intentions and I cast out negative thoughts. I found awareness, I let go, and I left my fate to God.

And, that’s how I got to where I am today. I still employ these methods and I teach others the benefits.

There are success stories all around me. You are a success to me if your eyes are opened with powerful awareness and you put that awareness to use by casting out the negative and living life in its fullest.

Because like so much in this world, success is all about perspective.

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