The short answer is Yes. So keep reading.

Jesus teaches Christians to open their lives to faith in the Father. Our salvation is not found in the perfection of our obedience. Instead, it’s found in God’s infinite compassion, which only our pride and complacency can obstruct.

The same is true for the Law of Attraction. If we remain complacent, if we believe we don’t need it, or even that we don’t deserve it, we can’t reap the rewards of what the universe can bring to us.

As Christians, we believe that God wants the very best for us. We just have to ask Him for it. That same faith and belief are necessary to the Law of Attraction. We have to believe that we will attract good things to us, that we deserve them. But I’ve known a number of Christians who don’t believe God wants us to reach our best, just as I’ve known people who don’t quite understand the Law of Attraction means being open to the best, and feeling they deserve it.

Faith and belief operate in the subconscious mind. What we believe in this part of the mind is what we experience. The Christian understanding and faith in the power of love, compassion and forgiveness are not unique to Christianity. They are universal principles. The Law of Attraction is the same, encompassing these beliefs and others, and its power is not exclusive to, nor does it replace a belief in Christ. The Law of Attraction is among the universal truths established by God. This power exists through Christianity, Islam, or Judaism, and making a connection to that power is the key. Connection is imperative. Faithful prayer or meditation will give you that connection.

Similarly, we obstruct our own intentions with this pride, complacency, and negative thought. With faith and connection in God, and using tools like affirmations and visualizations to tap into the Law of Attraction, success is within your grasp.

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