Let’s look at Newton’s Law. Can you drop an apple from the top of a tree and mid-flight make it fall faster?


The apple will find its way to the ground, but cannot be influenced by your will. Gravity will do the work. Now, that shouldn’t keep you from deciding to climb the tree. You should still make your way, limb to limb, keeping your eye on the prize. You shouldn’t doubt yourself or look down with apprehension. And when you get there, when you reach out to pluck it from the stem, there’s no use in wishing it or forcing it to the ground faster. At some point you have to let go, and what will be will be.

  • You want an apple – With strong feelings, set your intention.
  • Start the climb – Take actions necessary to take you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Branch by branch – Focus on the now. By engaging your focus in the present and taking care of what you have at hand, it becomes evident that you are creating the path to your final destination. You’re doing it concsicously rather than acting on autopilot. And you’re doing it without letting unwanted thoughts to take over your destiny.
  • It is key to keep that focus with meditation. It brings you to the present. The present is the only thing you can affect. You can’t control the past or the future. The only time you can act in, is the here and now. Daily practice will put you in the right mindset to negate those unwanted thoughts, and you will expand your awareness to reinforce your belief and make the path clearer.
  • Make the final reach for the apple – At this point, realization give you the ability to truly find Experience in the now. At this point the Universe has no option but to materialize what you desire. by allowing you to live out the experience in this dimension.
  • Accept and let it go – In the apple’s case, you did your part and gravity will take it to its destination. Maybe bruised, maybe a groundhog took a bite or maybe the most divine piece of fruit you’ve ever tasted.

But, enough metaphor. Accept and let go. Surrender your desire to the Laws of the Universe. God knows what is best for us. Everything comes at the perfect time.

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