Law of Attraction

Is There a Big Secret to the Law of Attraction?

No, there is no Big Secret to the Law of Attraction. People ask me all the time, “How do I use the Law of Attraction? How can I attract things faster to me?”

The truth is, people choose to either ignore the Law of Attraction, […]

Is the Law of Attraction Just About Attracting Wealth?

The Law of Attraction is not just about attracting wealth, but about finding one’s true self. The Law of Attraction is about finding that something that makes you feel genuinely happy and at peace with yourself. It allows you to find clues that enable […]

Use Meditation to Improve Law of Attraction Results

How can meditation help me? How can it improve the results of the Law of Attraction?

At its heart, meditation brings us awareness. By being fully aware of your thoughts, you can direct your life consciously and subconsciously. The Law of Attraction only works if […]

Help! The Law of Attraction Isn’t Working!

What do you do if the Law of Attraction isn’t working? You’ve visualized, you’ve stated intentionally, you’ve practiced the five steps, but you’re not seeing the results you hoped for.

In order to apply the Law of Attraction to your life and see results, […]

A Law of Attraction Success Story: Mine

I’m not only a coach about the Law of Attraction, I believe that my entire life is the successful result of the powerful Law of Attraction.

  • I wanted to live in the United States and I got here.
  • I wanted to serve in the Marines on […]

Difficulty Visualizing Success

There are plenty of people out there who are not visual thinkers. These people, maybe you’re among them, can’t see visualize scenarios in their mind’s eye. The root cause of not being able to see what you’d like to experience is a lack of […]

Can I speed up the Law of Attraction?

Let’s look at Newton’s Law. Can you drop an apple from the top of a tree and mid-flight make it fall faster?


The apple will find its way to the ground, but cannot be influenced by your will. Gravity will do the work. Now, that […]

Four Benefits of Powerful Awareness

Awareness is more than knowing your friends’ Facebook status. Being aware — that is, being in a state of awareness — is a life-changer. By tapping into the power of awareness, you can find fulfillment in many areas of your life.

Better Control: Drive your […]

How Do I Integrate the Power of Awareness with the Law of Attraction?

Awareness is tied intrinsically to what you do or do not attract to your life. If you’re aware of the negative thoughts in your mind, you can counter them with more positive thoughts. And as you think positive thoughts, you can attract good things […]

What is the Power of Awareness?

Awareness is one step in solving some of life’s problems. With enough awareness, you realize the source of many of life’s obstacles is, in fact, you. The part of you that creates your experiences in life operates continuously, whether you are aware of it […]