There are plenty of people out there who are not visual thinkers. These people, maybe you’re among them, can’t see visualize scenarios in their mind’s eye. The root cause of not being able to see what you’d like to experience is a lack of belief or awareness. There are ways to increase these vital steps in the process. Train your mind.

Start by putting your intentions on paper. If you’re not a writer, get a digital recorder and list your objectives by speaking them aloud. Describe all of it in the present tense, the here and now. Put it down and read it/play it back again later. It’s much easier to visualize something while reading or listening than it is to just sit there and try to picture it.

Another method is the picture collage. If you can’t picture your success, find pictures that match what you’re after, cut them out and post them someplace you’ll see them everyday. Soon you’ll see yourself in your creation and your intentions will be easier to visualize.

When we were children, the visual part of our brain ruled the roost. When asked what your were going to be when you grew up, you didn’t just see yourself as a fireman or a teacher in the future – you were one right then! Fighting imaginary fire and teaching those dolls the alphabet was in the here in now. You didn’t just see it, you lived it.

For adults, it’s harder to imagine in the present tense. Many people’s brains have been rewired through school and work and the harsh reality of life. But, what has remained is the emotional desire to better ourselves. Tap into that desire and put it on paper, record it or find some other way to express it. Train your mind to see your intentions unfold in the present tense and believe in it. Done correctly, success won’t just come visually. You’ll witness the power of the Law of Attraction.

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