There are many myths around the Internet regarding the Law of Attraction. Buying into some of these ideas can actually hamper your success. What’s at the core of the Law of Attraction? What are the best practices you should follow?

I recently found a blog post on the Law of Attraction Tutor about Five Things to know about the Law of Attraction, which got me to thinking about what I believe about it.

Here are five important things I think everyone needs to know about the Law of Attraction:

1) Awareness

You cannot do ANYTHING until you take control of your mind. It’s really the only quality we have that nobody else has, that nobody can take that away from us. We can decide what we choose to listen to, or not. That is the power of awareness. You need to be conscious of the thoughts that you are letting into your subconscious mind.

2) Avoid Limiting Beliefs

The LOA Tutor lists this as his #5 belief, but I think it’s one of the most important ones: Once you become aware, you are able to neutralize the limited beliefs. You know when something bad comes into your mind, you can diffuse it by not letting it set in your mind. Many times, this means that you need to get rid of the perceptions and preconceived notions things you were exposed to early in your life.

3) Setting Clear Intention

The next step in applying the law of attraction is knowing exactly what you want. When you set an intention, you need to be very specific. You also need to be very positive. If you are visualizing something and simultaneously feeling negative energy about something surrounding that thing, you are actually giving power to the negative thought. By telling the Universe exactly what you want, you are instructing it on where you are headed and how it can support you in getting there.

4) Taking Action

You have the Law of Attraction, but you also must consider the Law of Actions. You have to take action. I can sit here and talk about all the things I want to be, such as, “I want to be an Olympic champion.” Unfortunately, there is no way I’m going to become an Olympic champion if I don’t lift any weights. It’s just not going to happen. I’m not going to make the Olympics if I’m not practicing any sports. I can visualize myself playing basketball and making three-pointers every time, but if I never go to the court to put in some time and effort into what I want to be, it will not come to be.

5) History of Law of Attraction

The LOA Tutor reminds us that the true Law of Attraction is not a flash-in-the-pan idea. It has actually been around for quite a while, some say as far as 100 years back. Self-help books from 50 – 75 years ago teach the principles of the Law of Attraction that are presented today as being brand new. The long history behind the Law of Attraction is a testament to the success that people have found with it, when they’ve learned how to apply it correctly in their lives.

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