• Mistake #1: Not allowing the universal mind to take over.
    Due to a lack of belief and the encroaching conscious mind, one of your strongest emotions often leaks through: doubt. Doubt in yourself, doubt in the power of the Universal Law, and ultimately an unwillingness to “let go” and allow the Law of Attraction to work. This is a core emotion tied to a lifetime of experience that brought you to this point in time. No one said that it would be easy to rid yourself of unbelief, and the enormity of Universal Intelligence and the Law of Attraction that governs it, is hard to grasp.

    Overcome this mistake by going back to those moments when you have enacted the steps to harness the Law of Attraction and you’ve reached a goal. Or, if you’re just now discovering Law of Attraction, recall a wonderful event in your life, and trace back the reasons this occurred. Undoubtedly, the Law of Attraction was involved.

  • Mistake #2: Simply not enough positive thinking.
    Where there’s doubt, there’s not enough positive thinking. Your conscious mind with all of its emotions is reactionary. You are programmed to doubt, to have negative thoughts, to imagine the worst case scenario — it’s a survival instinct leftover from times when fire was new and a berry bush might be poison. Survival instincts are good, but we’re a little less hairy these days and loin cloths are out of style. Doubt has crept into other parts of our lives. Learn to overcome this mistake by replacing negative thoughts that keep you from your intention with positive ones.
  • Mistake #3: Not being properly connected to Universal Intelligence or God.
    Let’s say you’ve got a toaster. You’ve got a piece of bread. Your intention is to make toast, you’re imagining toast, and you’re feeling positive about the outcome of toast. But, the toaster is not plugged in. You have to have a connection first. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, a connection to something bigger is required to harness the Power within yourself. Meditation or deep prayer are the solution or you’ll wind up toastless and stuck on Mistake #1.
  • Mistake #4: Your expectations of the Law of Attraction are not realistic.
    We’re an impatient species. We want what we want, and we want it now. We also have a tendency to shoot for the moon before the rocket is even built. Setting your intention, the first step to harnessing the Law of Attraction, takes some thought. It’s common for people new to the idea of the Law of Attraction to be less patient, and they’re often committing mistake 1, 2 or 3. The Universe has the capacity to deliver quickly, but you need to be in a place where your intentions are clear, you’re harnessing the power of positive thinking towards those intentions and you’re connected to Universal Intelligence or God. It all has to be in place in your mind.
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