God is perfect. Everything about God is perfect, and as beings built in his image — built by purely positive intention — our base state is health. By consciously seeking and attuning yourself with God and the positive, the return is positive, including good health. Remember this and recall it often. You can maintain good health or heal yourself with that connection with the Universal Mind.

And as I’ve repeated in this blog, the Law of Attraction works both ways. Worry, doubt, anger and other negative thoughts that we unload into the universe attract more negative energy and sometimes this causes health problems. This is the frequency you’ve allowed yourself to tap into.

But, what about healing yourself once you’ve reached the point of illness? Your goal should be to closely align yourself with the Universal Mind in spirit.

Start healing yourself from the inside out. Cast out negative thoughts and worry. Replace those thoughts with positive ones. Visualize yourself healthy and active, perhaps playing your favorite sport or spending quality time with family. Align yourself with a greater power through meditation or deep prayer. Tap into the universal goodness that is in the Universal Intelligence and allow it to permeate your being. And then, let go. Don’t try to force it, because this implies impatience and doubt. Connect with God and believe that healing is possible, and it will be.

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