Well, there’s the red pill or the blue pill…

Of course, it’s not that easy. You have to seek out methods to tap into the Power of Awareness. It is a journey that you have to customize for yourself and follow through with. Here are a few methods I teach my clients in my life coaching practice.

Learn it. Check out your local bookstore or library for books, DVDs and audio programs that help you understand mindful living. There is a lot out there. You might say you’re becoming more aware of awareness this way.

Consider it. Put an hourly reminder on your office calendar or mobile device to take 30 seconds and really take in your surroundings: sights, sounds, smells, emotion, etc. Don’t just glance around, really take the time to consider your surroundings and be hyper-aware of them. You’ll soon find that you’re anticipating the alarm and doing it regardless.

Eat it. Join the slow food movement. Become aware of what you’re eating.

Remember it. Put sticky notes around your house that remind you to stop and take stock.
The laundry room: Where did the fabric you’re about to wash come from? What is the texture like wet?
The kid’s room: The smell of the baby’s room (when not soured by diapers) makes you feel how?
The remote control: What were the advertisers trying to accomplish in these commercials? Did it work?
Think of your own and post a couple different ones every Sunday afternoon.

Do it. Join a yoga class, practice tai-chi, take a long walk without your mp3 player, and meditate while you’re doing it. Be aware of your breathing, the noises and sights around you.

Support it. Find a good life coach. They’re a great asset if you seek to find a better quality of life overall, and they’re great sounding boards. These are people who objectively guide you, answer your questions, and clarify the proper practices of mindfulness. A coach is also a good person to get you back on track when you get stuck back in auto-pilot.

Discover and practice the power of awareness and soon implementing the Law of Attraction will be much easier.

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