How do you get the most out of living your life on purpose? You do what matters most to you. (Oftentimes, life’s most simple questions have the most simple answers.)

The truth is, most people do not choose their life purpose — they merely choose a career. This is mainly for status in society: “If I become this, people will view me a certain way, and because of that, I will finally be happy.” Sadly, most people become the opposite of that — they feel empty and unfulfilled. That’s why knowing your purpose beforehand is critical, because you know what it takes to live your life to the fullest and what brings you joy.

A lot of motivational coaches lead their clients to believe that once they find their life’s purpose, that’s it, that’s the end. Some people think you come here for one reason, and one reason only. I like to take the approach that we are always evolving, ever changing. We change everything from what clothes we want to wear, to where we choose to live, to our opinions on everyday matters.

For example, being in the military, for me, was my ultimate career choice at that time. It was something I always wanted to do and made me happy, and I still think of it fondly. However, as time went on, my life changed and evolved, and so did my purpose. I found fulfillment in the military, but I also wanted to grow and influence more people in a different way. While the essence of what I do is still the same, the path is just slightly different. Being in the military served me in a very important way, but after a while I stopped growing spiritually, and I needed to reevaluate where my life was going.

Think about how you feel when your alarm goes off in the morning. Do you feel like jumping out of bed and eagerly seizing what the day has to offer? Or do you have to drag yourself out of bed, dreading the start to yet another 8-5 work day? If you experience the latter, ask yourself: What would change that?

In my experience, you are constantly in a state of becoming what is best for you specifically. You need to let your passions guide you to whoever that person is, using your emotions as a gauge. What makes you happy TODAY? Right here, right now. What makes your heart sing? Let your answer be the guide to getting the most out of living your life on purpose.

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