The Law of Attraction can help you lose weight, but not in the way you think.

First, you must remember that the Law of Attraction will attract more of what you focus on the most. For instance, if the first thing you think while looking at yourself in the mirror is “I am overweight,” or “I am fat,” or “I am ugly,” you will bring more of those qualities into your reality.

The fact is, we are all vibrating at different frequency levels, and it’s up to us (depending on our level of consciousness) to tune ourselves to the frequency that we wish to vibrate in. In order to lose those unwanted pounds, you not only have to be willing to do some serious grinding at the gym, but also be willing to expand your consciousness so you can block unwanted beliefs about yourself and start attracting the quality of life that you deserve.

So how do you start?

It is common knowledge that to lose weight, you must follow a nutritional diet, as well as exercise regularly. There is a science to losing weight that cannot be avoided or magically altered. However, there are few things you can do to use the Law of Attraction to your advantage to complement your path to a healthy lifestyle.

1) Exercising Gratitude for Weight Loss

This is perhaps one of the most important, effective exercises that you can do.

Recognize that you are already a wonderful being that God created in His image so that you can experience life on Earth. Feeling grateful is a powerful emotion that gets the wheels turning and pulls you in tune with your desired energy frequency.

Feeling that emotion is actually the driving force behind attracting to us what we’re looking for. By being grateful for what you already have and knowing that you are wonderful already, you are put in the frame of mind to open yourself up to endless possibilities in how you look and feel.

2) Use Law of Attraction Visualizations and Affirmations to Help Weight Loss

Visualize how your ideal body looks and feels. Is it thin, strong, muscular? By doing this, you are actually putting emotions into it, whether you know it or not. When you visualize yourself as healthy, you automatically get a feeling of completion. That feeling acts as a trigger to set the Law of Attraction into motion. Affirmations follow the same premise. Doing affirmations — “Today I am eating healthy,” “I am losing weight,” “I am looking better and better every day” — are phrases that create feelings, which in turn create actions.

Try these two mental exercises in combination with your physical exercises and diet plan. The Law of Attraction can really aid you in helping to lose weight and become your best, healthiest self.

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