Typically, when we talk about the Law of Attraction, we think about how our thoughts create our reality — how important it is not only to guard our thoughts from negative chatter, but to also practice visualizations and positive affirmations in order to achieve what we want. What some people find hard to grasp is, it is also the feeling of whatever it is that we want that creates reality.

For example, let’s say you want to buy a new home. You carry around a picture of your dream home in hopes of materializing it. The truth is, the feeling involved with the picture is what actually helps you create the reality. Our realities are caused by the specific thought and feeling we apply to the energy around us. If we want to create our own reality, we must get in touch with our true feelings and emotions in order to start vibrating at a frequency to attract good things to us.

Negative Emotions Can Affect the Law of Attraction

But any kind of emotion is not good enough, as negative emotions can greatly impact your success with the Law of Attraction. If you subconsciously focus on a worry or an aspect of your life that is causing you stress, it can often cause tension, not only in the mind, but in the body. This tension is caused by an internal buildup of negative emotions which can actually make us physically sick and start attracting more negative things into our lives. Instead of vibrating on the frequency of positivity, you will be vibrating on the same level with the people and things you actually don’t want in your life at all.

Another emotion to watch out for is anger. Think about people who seem constantly angry about something. Don’t they always seem to be attracting situations that are continually fueling that anger? They are always finding reasons to justify their rage — hating people, being the “victim,” casting blame, etc. They think validation will relieve that anger, but instead it just perpetuates that cycle. Whether they know it or not, they are actually inviting situations that cause them to become angry by focusing energy on these situations. They’re attracting people as angry as they are, and finding themselves in whatever events or activities are vibrating at that level of negativity and anger.

Remember this when you go through your visualizations and affirmations. You may not realize that you are letting negative emotions sneak in, even with your best intentions. Statements that seem positive to you (i.e. “I desire a mate who will not cheat on me”) actually carry strong negative emotions. Any time that happens, try to positively flip those affirmations to what you really want (i.e. “I Always make the right decisions, therefore I attract to me a mate who is faithful and trustworthy.”) to really see the Law of Attraction go into action.

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