Awareness is tied intrinsically to what you do or do not attract to your life. If you’re aware of the negative thoughts in your mind, you can counter them with more positive thoughts. And as you think positive thoughts, you can attract good things to you. (That’s the Law of Attraction in action.)

Take Away What Doesn’t Work

With a more mindful perspective, you can see the consequences of your thoughts and actions. It is possible to do something over and over to yourself without even knowing it’s hurting your chances at success in life. I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a friend about his dog. When older dogs chase their tails in circles, its a sign of insecurity, compulsion, and imbalance. In fact, most human dysfunctions, both mental and emotional, are the result of incomplete self-awareness. We chase our tails.

What you are not aware of, you will attract. If internally you don’t believe yourself worthy of a loving and caring boyfriend or girlfriend, you will attract inconsiderate and short-lived relationships. Becoming aware of your insecurity is the first step in attracting what is right for you.

See and Believe What’s Next

Awareness also empowers you to discover those items missing in your life, and helps you to make them become reality. This is where belief and meditation are key. Consider making meditation a priority in your life. Meditation is a kind of ultimate awareness that will help you in your daily perception. If during your day-to-day you are more aware of your thoughts and actions, you will also keep your goals and positive beliefs at the front of your mind, giving you more power to attract the positive in life.

That’s the ultimate goal, right?

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