Every senior manager wants to improve team productivity. So while this goal is not new,
perhaps entertaining new perspectives can make the difference between your team reaching above average goals or excellent goals.  How to Increase Team Productivity Alex Ledgister

Below are five ways you can increase your team’s productivity:

1. Provide Authentic Recognition

You already know that many times people will do more for recognition than they will for money. Take a close look at how this is actually being incorporated into your weekly work routine. Expand the recognition beyond monetary achievements. This shows employees that you value them as people. It helps employees feel as though they are more than just a number.

In this excellent article by Meghan M. Biro, featured in Forbes, “5 Ways Leaders Rock Employee Recognition,” you can learn specific ways to provide recognition as well as some basic dos and don’ts:.

2. Give More Responsibility

Giving your team members additional responsibilities is a great way to increase team productivity. It shows them that you believe they are intelligent, capable, and reliable. Rather than simply telling team members they are an asset to the company, you are showing them.

3. Inspire by Example

If you are inspired by the work you are doing and by the people around you, that energy of inspiration can translate into increased productivity. One powerful way to inspire is by consistently communicating your vision. This sets an example for employees to begin envisioning their own successful future on your team and within the company.

Want a few external sources of inspiration to share with your team? Check out this excellent article by Travis Bennett, “Six Inspirational Stories For Employees.

4. Respect Employees’ Time

There are countless articles on how management can keep their own time under control. Reducing “got a minute” meetings, making sure meetings end on time, and ensuring each meeting has a specific agenda are just a few of the well-known ways to effectively manage time.

However, understand that proper time management goes both ways. While you might feel your time is more important than someone else’s because of the difference in pay grade, realize that not giving the same level of respect to your employees’ calendars as you do your own will result in less productivity on their part. When you show team members you respect their time, they will also begin to respect their own time more (as well as yours!), which can clearly increase productivity.

5. Increase Your Personal Productivity

Much of successful management has to do with improving yourself so that not only are you better equipped to manage others but you also set an example of excellence. Before picking apart your team’s productivity, take a look in the mirror. Doing an honest, detailed assessment in how you can increase your own productivity can be the first step towards increased team productivity. Not only will you have additional ideas and experience to share with your team but you will be leading by example.

Still wondering how to increase team productivity? Steven Tweedie from Business Insider features some cutting-edge technology you can leverage in his Entrepreneur article, “The 15 Best Productivity Apps for Getting Things Done.”

In summary, improving team productivity is a critical element to success for senior managers. It is not something that can be achieved by simply giving orders and making employees work longer hours. Employees need to be inspired and motivated, and they need to feel valued.

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