I consider myself blessed to come into contact with individuals who are on their own individual paths to turn dreams into realities. I know so many people who have gone on to do amazing things. Each success story becomes an uplifting reminder of what can happen if we set our intentions with the Universe. I’d like to talk about someone who has been particularly successful on his journey — my friend, Jay.

Jay had made a career of selling mufflers — something he had been doing for a very long time. However, Jay always knew that he was meant to do something more. He felt he could accomplish something “bigger” for his life: he wanted to create his own company. Realizing his passion for marketing (especially the online sector), Jay set out as an entrepreneur.

However, Jay was not alone in his vision — he had a support group in the form of a friend who always wanted to do the same thing. As the two began to build their business together, they held each other accountable. With the same end goal in mind, they were able to motivate and encourage each other through the trials and tribulations of starting a company.

Jay now owns one of the best marketing companies in the United States. He went from selling mufflers to living his dreams.

With a success story like this, the common reaction is, “He made something out of nothing!” While it certainly seems that is so, “something” is actually never made out of “nothing.” Jay’s inherent passions and goals were always “there,” in some form. They just weren’t materialized. Through consistent self-development, Jay was able to pinpoint his vision, and then surround himself with people who shared that vision.

The Law of Attraction does not work like a microwave. You can’t just put the idea out and wait a little while for everything to come out just as you envisioned it. It’s a process, and you need to be constantly plugged into that process. Some people do this unconsciously and act on autopilot, attracting the right people to them. Others need to really work at improving their level of awareness, and actively seek out like-minded people.

Obviously, it’s not easy to go from selling mufflers to owning your own multi-million dollar company, but the right combination of self-development, dedication, and consistency made Jay’s path run a little smoother.

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