Can Money and Material Things Alone Make You Happy?

Let me tell you a story.

An intelligent, self-motivated man was offered a well-paying job. The catch was that he had to work overseas, and couldn’t take his family with him. Although he had to spend the majority of the year away from his […]

4 Ways Parents Can Teach Their Children about the Law of Attraction

Children and teens are prime candidates for the Law of Attraction. Why? Their minds, for the most part, are not filled with all the worries, doubts, and negative garbage that adults manifest in the Universe. Bills, mortgage payments, jobs — these are not things […]

4 Ways the Law of Attraction Can Help Me With Personal and Family Relationships

“How can the Law of Attraction help me with my personal and family relationships?”

I get asked this question a lot by clients. We know that the Universe knows what is best for us. We may think we know, but we don’t.

The Law of Attraction […]