Does Asking the Universe for Money Cheapen or Detract from the Law of Attraction?

Some people, especially the very dogmatic, believe they need to suffer in order to be closer to God. They think they have to be poor, miserable, and humble. Therefore, having a lot of money isn’t a priority in their life, because it’s the opposite […]

Is the Law of Attraction Just About Attracting Wealth?

The Law of Attraction is not just about attracting wealth, but about finding one’s true self. The Law of Attraction is about finding that something that makes you feel genuinely happy and at peace with yourself. It allows you to find clues that enable […]

Can Christians Tap into Law of Attraction?

The short answer is Yes. So keep reading.

Jesus teaches Christians to open their lives to faith in the Father. Our salvation is not found in the perfection of our obedience. Instead, it’s found in God’s infinite compassion, which only our pride and complacency can […]

Four Common Mistakes People Make with the Law of Attraction (and How to Correct Them)

  • Mistake #1: Not allowing the universal mind to take over.
    Due to a lack of belief and the encroaching conscious mind, one of your strongest emotions often leaks through: doubt. Doubt in yourself, doubt in the power of the Universal Law, and ultimately an unwillingness […]

  • Essential Steps to Healing Yourself with LOA

    It is entirely possible to manifest physical healing using the principles of the Law of Attraction.

    1. Intend – set clear intentions
    2. Believe – desire and trust to follow through
    3. Connect – through meditation find power

    I hope you’ve noticed that meditation has been a consistent element in tapping […]

    Healing with the Law of Attraction

    God is perfect. Everything about God is perfect, and as beings built in his image — built by purely positive intention — our base state is health. By consciously seeking and attuning yourself with God and the positive, the return is positive, including good […]