Why Are You Tired After a Day at the Office?

Sitting in the office is tough. It’s tough on the body and mind. It may not seem like it, because you’re just sitting in a chair most of the time, but it can be very exhausting. Working your mind all day can be just […]

Are TV and Electronic Entertainment Ruining Our Concentration?

Distractions are now a precondition for us. We are constantly being distracted by all kinds of technology and even other factors that aren’t on the surface. It’s crucial to be aware of distractions and regulate them so as to keep our mind healthy and […]

Taking Time Out to Unplug and Relax

Stop. Sit down for a minute. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Are you back now? Good. How do you feel? How do you think you would feel if you could take 10 minutes of complete silence and “empty mindedness” every day?

It’s […]

Making The Connection Between Mind, Spirit and Body During Injuries

Negative thoughts can be toxic. They affect the connection between universal intelligence and us. These negative thoughts can be even more prevalent and pressing when you are suffering from a bodily injury. If you are not present and aware of your thoughts during this […]

Why Can’t I Find Happiness Living a Superficial Life?

One morning, while sitting on my patio after a deep meditation, I started to ponder this question: Is there a deeper kind of life than the one you are currently living? is there more to life than acquiring all the material things you could […]

What Effect Does Stress Have on the Law of Attraction?

Stress is a feeling that’s created when we react to particular events. It’s true that there are certain situations where stress is good, and even critical — slamming on the brakes, for instance. That acute reaction to stress is what keeps you from colliding […]

Five Things You Must Know about the Law of Attraction

There are many myths around the Internet regarding the Law of Attraction. Buying into some of these ideas can actually hamper your success. What’s at the core of the Law of Attraction? What are the best practices you should follow?

I recently found a blog […]

Use Meditation to Improve Law of Attraction Results

How can meditation help me? How can it improve the results of the Law of Attraction?

At its heart, meditation brings us awareness. By being fully aware of your thoughts, you can direct your life consciously and subconsciously. The Law of Attraction only works if […]

Help! The Law of Attraction Isn’t Working!

What do you do if the Law of Attraction isn’t working? You’ve visualized, you’ve stated intentionally, you’ve practiced the five steps, but you’re not seeing the results you hoped for.

In order to apply the Law of Attraction to your life and see results, […]

Can I speed up the Law of Attraction?

Let’s look at Newton’s Law. Can you drop an apple from the top of a tree and mid-flight make it fall faster?


The apple will find its way to the ground, but cannot be influenced by your will. Gravity will do the work. Now, that […]