The Secret

How Can the Law of Attraction Help Me with Personal Relationships?

The Law of Attraction gives to you what you most strongly focus upon, whether wanted or unwanted. The same is true for your partner. The Law of Attraction will give you everything you desire by either creating a stronger connection with your present partner […]

Is the Law of Attraction Just About Attracting Wealth?

The Law of Attraction is not just about attracting wealth, but about finding one’s true self. The Law of Attraction is about finding that something that makes you feel genuinely happy and at peace with yourself. It allows you to find clues that enable […]

Five Great Books about the Law of Attraction

If you’re just discovering the Law of Attraction, here are a few books to give you a basic understanding and get you started along the path of attracting greatness.

  • The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne
    The Secret is a good book to introduce the subject. Take away […]