I recently read a great article on the Knowledge Plus Action blog that had some great points in regards to letting go of the “when” and “how” when using the Law of Attraction in your life.

While people can easily grasp the idea of visualizations and affirmations, they can sometimes get caught up in thinking, “there’s no way this could actually happen,” or “this might not happen.” In the Law of Attraction, simply performing the meditations isn’t enough. You must have faith that you deserve whatever it is you desire, and that it (or something even better) will come to you.

While I agreed with most of the points in KPAction’s article, there was one point I do not agree with: how our work ethic has changed in the present day. The author made the argument that it should be easier than ever to use the Law of Attraction because in the past, the idea of working hard was necessary for survival.

While I agree that we do not have to work as long and laboriously in today’s society, we still need to take active strides toward what we want. However, in the time between manifesting your thoughts and taking action, you need to practice the art of “allowing.”

Allowing gives us the ability to stay open to what God can give us.

For example, let’s say I set the intention of a specific vehicle that I want: a red car with four doors, four wheel drive, and all the bells and whistles. Once I’ve done that, I have set the intention of what I want.

The next step is to let go. Why? Because whatever comes my way, I’ll be open to it, because it will be better for my life. When you allow, you’re not blocking yourself from whatever it is that God can bring you. When you don’t allow and don’t let go, you are blocking yourself from the possibility of something even better than you imagined coming into your life.

Instead, you create anxiety by holding onto something and trying to force it into existence. You begin to worry, “Why is it not working? Why is this not appearing in my life? Why is it not manifesting?” When you do your visualizations and your meditations, and set intentions, you must have faith that whatever you ask for is going to manifest. If you have faith, you allow, and you let go. Affirm to yourself, “It will come to me. It is either this, or something better.” Then you are open to endless possibilities.

Letting go can be hard for some people to grasp when applying the Law of Attraction. Letting go means to fear NOT and TRUST that you will get what your heart desires.

What I mean is to let go of the doubts and insecurity. Thinking “it might not happen” keeps you at that negative energy frequency. Keep up the visualizations, affirmations, and intentions. However, once you do, let God take over and bring about your manifestation.

You need to stay open to whatever God can bring you when the time is right. By letting go, you’ll find it overrides that doubt, and fills you with faith that it’s going to happen. Remember, it’s very simple when it comes to the Universe: Ask, and you shall receive.

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