In the last post, we identified the five ways to tap into the Law of Attraction. You may be wondering, what are some practical applications to building a personal network or improving business?

When it comes to business, you should be ready with an intention — the first step of tapping into the Law of Attraction. If you want more clients, bigger projects, or a higher quality widget for your business, those are intentions.

What you need to do now is regularly affirm to yourself that you’re growing your business day by day, or that you’re growing your clientele day by day. Develop an affirmation that matches your goals with success as the result. Along with that affirmation, you’re going to visualize yourself having more clients, serving more people, and making more money.

Here’s a great exercise for a cold call. Visualize yourself making a sales call and getting positive results. Imagine the conversation. Don’t just visualize yourself dialing the phone (though if that helps make it real, go for it). Listen in on that awesome conversation, the kind you have when you know you’re “on,” and hear what your ideal client is enthusiastically saying in response. Visualize closing the deal. According to the Law of Attraction, this kind of visualization will lead you to success.

Watch for road blocks. Be aware of negative thoughts, because if you’re not, you’ll be moving backward without even knowing it. Unchecked, your thoughts naturally gravitate toward the negative. It is imperative that you become conscious of the negative thoughts coming to your mind. Be aware of your thoughts on a bad meeting, missed opportunity or the rough economic climate. You’ll want to replace those thoughts with positive ones.

One quick caveat about negative thoughts though. Your negativity might not be completely useless. Analyze these thoughts to find themes of weakness. Negate those weaknesses with a positive affirmation that shows them to be untrue. And once you have identified them, you can be on the lookout for those thoughts as they enter your conscious mind.

Finally, you want to take action. Do the things that will grow your business. Use the Law of Attraction to be inspired by your affirmations and visualizations and conquer your negative thoughts to make your intentions reality.

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