The “Other Than Conscious” mind is another way of describing your unconscious. We’ve talked about how the unconscious plays a key role in the Law of Attraction. How do you tap into this influential part of your brain? My experience has been that there are only two ways to tap into the unconscious — through meditation or deep prayer.

When you meditate, you lower your brain wave frequency, which is where the unconscious mind operates. For example, when you are awake your brain is operating on the Alpha and Beta brain wave frequency. When you are completely asleep, your brain waves drop all the way to Delta. But, when you meditate or go into deep prayer, you tap into Theta and Delta brain waves and create a bridge between the hemisphere of your brain.

Right now, when we’re awake, we’re operating on Beta brain waves. You’re reading this and processing it with your rational mind. If you were to close your eyes right now, you wouldn’t instantly slip into meditation. You might relax and become reflective. Your mind might immediately go to your to do list, sounds would distract you, or you might review parts of your day. When you’re in this relaxed state, your brain is operating on Alpha brain waves.

When you’re in Theta, however, you’re mind is quiet. You’re experiencing the moment, but you’re not thinking of anything. You’re awake, but your mind is blank. This is not an easy thing to accomplish. There are many methods of meditation and its been practiced for thousands of years. This is why I mentioned deep prayer. In many religions, a mantra is recited over and over to quiet the mind and open yourself to a spiritual experience. The mantra originated in Hinduism, but is practiced in many religions. Praying the Rosary, or the Quakers’ silent prayer, are its Western equivalents.

The end result of practicing meditation is to identify those thoughts in the unconscious mind that prohibit our success. When you’re in the moment and your mind is quiet, you are mindful of the negativity that springs up – not from life – but from inside YOU. There you can negate these thoughts and move it past it. According to the Law of Attraction, letting go of these negative thoughts will put you one step closer to making your intentions become reality.

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