Does it mean the Law of Attraction has failed you, when you have been praying and meditating, but don’t receive the things you’ve asked for?

No, not at all. It means that you are either asking for the wrong things, or you’re not ready for the thing you’re asking for. Nothing happens by chance in this life. Anything that occurs does so because you have sent that signal into the Universe, and the Universe is responding by bringing more of that energy to you.

Here’s a great example: my friend wanted to manifest for himself a nice, new BMW. He was consistently visualizing and keeping optimistic in his daily life. He did his daily affirmations and had visual cues of the car all over his home. And wouldn’t you know it, one day, he got the car. He put all this focus and all of his intentions into this car, and in the end, he materialized the car. He knew that because he was working so hard on this and he had faith that he was going to get it.

Sounds good, right? Except, it wasn’t good for my friend.

He knew he was not in the right financial situation to buy a BMW. He didn’t know how he was going get one. He just focused on obtaining the car in whatever way was necessary. However, once he got his dream car, he stopped implementing the Law of Attraction. He started worrying about his job and his personal relationships, and he started creating more chaos in his life.

All of these worries began popping into his head and it threw him off point. He lacked the consistency he had with manifesting the BMW, and his life started to unravel. He lost his job and couldn’t make the payments on his new car, which he eventually had to give up.

My friend realized that just as he had brought the car into his life, he also pushed the car out of his life, because he had lost focus on the positive and let the negative overtake him. Once he became aware of this, he started applying the Law of Attraction to every aspect of his life and, in the end, found balance.

He told me later that he knew he wasn’t meant to have the car in the first place, but his ego convinced him otherwise. Eventually he bought a new car, one he paid for in cash and was practical for his life. He saw this as a gift, because although the car was not a BMW, he didn’t have to stress out about making payments on this car.

This story can remind us that if we don’t receive something, then it was not meant to be. You need to be aware of what you’re thinking, and let God do the work of knowing what is the best option for you.

That’s why I tell clients to be sure to include the key phrase “or better” in their affirmations, as in, “please manifest this, or better.”

What you are doing is asking the Universe to give you that which you desire, or is a better fit for your life. For my friend, “or better” would not have been a better car than a BMW, but a car that was better for his life. One that didn’t cause any stress or cause him to lose his job or harm relationships.

“Or better” will help you offset whatever comes into your life and to help you recognize that what is actually best for you may be even better than you could ever imagine.

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