What’s stopping you from awareness? The short answer is…YOU.

Your head is in the sand.

People often do everything in their power to limit new experiences or new information. This occurs in varying degrees. The logic may be, “if I don’t know what’s happening in the news, I don’t have to be bummed out about it.” Or “if I take the long way home, I won’t pass by the gym and feel guilty about not working out.”

Some people don’t purposely limit experience or awareness, but they’re still oblivious to the world around them. I’m honestly not sure which is worse, but neither gets you closer to your goals. For both, it takes a significant life changing event to snap you out of it. Maybe you are laid off from work, you turn 50, or you lose someone close to you. This rude awakening makes you realize what you’ve missed and what you’re missing. Life becomes more precious.

Live more “aware” now.
You don’t have to wait for one of those life altering events to start living with the power of awareness. You start simple. Read a subject you’ve never read about, get out of the house more, pay attention to your food as you chew it, plant a flower and keep it alive, pay attention to your breath, find compassion for your neighbor. Or make a list just like this. Think of the character Amelie from “Chocolat,” dipping her hand into the sack of grain just to feel its texture (if you haven’t seen the movie, find it). This is a girl who truly celebrates her surroundings.

Keep in mind that awareness builds upon itself. It is an ongoing thing, and you can’t hit a ceiling or reach a cap. Your level of awareness will always evolve into something bigger and better. It’s a moving target, so you can’t stop. There is always room for improvement.

Don’t get in the way of your own fulfillment. This is a hard-learned lesson which can be resolved by living an aware life and tapping into the Law of Attraction.

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