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Meet Dr. Alex Ledgister, the Creator of Mind Mastery™

Meet Dr. Alex Ledgister, the Creator of Mind Mastery™

Read Alex’s inspirational story and learn how his own life story and experiences can help you live YOUR dreams.

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one-on-one-tab-iconDo you feel like you have hit a road block that stands between you and your goals? Are you tired of the limiting beliefs that hold you and your dreams captive? Do you feel like no matter what you do, you continue to get stuck in the same fear-based ruts that prevent you from moving forward? Do you feel you could achieve so much more if you could simply break free from the past? Learn More About One-on-One Coaching…

group-coaching-tab-iconIf you were to stay comfortable for the rest of your life, you simply would not grow! The Mind Mastery Group Coaching will help you expand your comfort zone and destroy some of your most toxic limiting beliefs, so that you are free to achieve your deepest dreams. While sharing your goals and dreams with others can seem intimidating at first, it is this exact challenge that will expand your comfort zone, which will expand your capacity for achievement! Learn More About Group Coaching…
executive-coaching-tab-iconDr. Alex Ledgister’s proven Mind Mastery techniques can help you take your business or sales team from a struggling enterprise that sucks your time and energy, into a fulfilling endeavor that brings financial and personal fulfillment to you, your team, and your clients. Mind Mastery Executive Coaching is custom-tailored for your specific role and business. Areas of focus include Leadership Development, Time Management, Team Management, and much more. Learn More About Executive Coaching…

The Mind Mastery™ Difference

      • Create Change That Lasts
      • Define Your Vision and Purpose
      • Increase Your Health, Wealth and Wisdom
      • Achieve and Maintain New Levels of Success
      • Experience True Fulfillment and Live Your Dream!

Success Stories

“Dr. Ledgister is one of the rare professionals in the self-help/personal growth field that has the three components that aide people in making positive life changes- he is compassionate, authentic and competent.”
Jill Foley Torres, Clinical Psychologist
Houston, Texas
“Dr. Alex Ledgister fights with you to WIN. He exhibits the CORE truth within every fiber of his being. There is a pureness and rawness that beckons you after one session with this spiritually phenomenal coach.”
Greta-Marcella Cobb, Project Manager
Baltimore, Maryland
“My coaching with Alex and the tools that he gave me assisted me in not only in saving my life, but in creating a wonderful life for myself. I thank this amazing man Alex Ledgister from the bottom of my heart always.”
Dianne Nicholas, Success Coach
Central Coast, NSW Australia
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