Fears are emotions that are born from our thoughts. When you think something, you feel an emotion. The more you dwell on that thought, the more angry, happy, etc. you feel. Thoughts come from the inner chatter within our minds that we contemplate either consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, the best way to deal with this confusion is to listen to our inner voice — especially as it pertains to negative internal dialogue. Negative chatter often comes in the form of the worrisome “What if?” What if I can’t accomplish this goal? What if I don’t have enough money? What if nobody can help me? What if I can’t get another job?

Typically, we try to shut out that negative voice, and pretend like it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, that negativity is then experienced subconsciously, materializing into things that we don’t want. Instead of resisting or pretending that the little voice is not there, become an observer, and listen to exactly what’s being said. Write it on a piece of paper, and find solutions to those problems. Try turning the “What ifs” into “Hows.” How am I going to resolve this? How can I achieve progress? How can I reach my purpose?

When you listen to the negative dialogue that happens in your mind and you simply let it be, you’re in a better position to move forward, because you can identify your obstacles. In other words, when you observe what’s going on in your mind and you write it down instead of suppressing it, you can see exactly what’s blocking you from your life’s purpose. The goal is to acknowledge those things, then let them go, trusting that God will provide the answers along your journey. You must have faith. You might not get the answers right away, but ultimately you need to recognize that He knows what’s best for you.

By identifying the obstacles and “what ifs,” you can design a plan of action. This plan helps you take the necessary steps to arrive at your purpose. Even if you aren’t where you want to be, you are now living on purpose because you have dealt with the fears, and you are moving forward toward your dreams and passions. You are more aware of your thoughts — and through that awareness, what doesn’t serve you falls away.

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